I was not expecting any Jacob fans!!!!! Oh my! How could you? But fear not! I’m working on… something. I promise. Really. I think I’m just going to start with pillow covers (because believe it or not, I actually haven’t knitted in a while *gasp!!!!!*), but I might have to extend it into other really cool stuff. Thank you guys so much for visiting! I thought no one ever came here anymore. Okay. One Edward thing and one Jacob *evilglare* thing coming right up. Do you mind if I take quotes off of really cool fangirl t-shirts I’ve seen? Like, “Real men sparkle”?????


Okay, so call me Bella now. Don’t ask why. Just call me Bella. And being Bella, I have to make an Edward pattern. Yes, an EDWARD pattern. Okay, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to create the Cullen series of knitting patterns. Sound good? That’s my promise. Can Bella be counted as a Cullen? You know what, scratch that question. Yes, of course Bella is a Cullen. And if any of you is a Jacob fan *evilglare* I might make you a La Push line. Maybe.

Oh, and if anyone is confused, read Twilight .

lily.jpgHere they are. The socks are done. Finally. They drove me crazy. Hee hee. Crazyknittinggirls, right? They kind of drove me crazy. As you can see, the second one is quite a bit smaller. Not like it really matters, I mean, they’re just on my feet, right? And the first one WAS too big, so I guess it balances out, right? One too big, one too small. Like my feet, which are of unequal sizes. Now I have to knit something else. Although, right now I am writing a story. Sorry, that was off topic. Oh well. Whatever.

Happy knitting!


I can’t be the only one who spotted this…
I normally wouldn’t point it out, but Stranger Than Fiction was such a good movie, it was just waiting to be blog-ized.

Well, the April Magknits seems a bit late. That’s fine; (though I must admit every time I see a computer I rush to it to check if MagKnits has updated) it’s just that it’s getting a litte dull seeing the same patterns. So, maybe if I write a review it will update. (I don’t follor my own logic, but it’s fun to review things, so why not)
A Scarf Askew – Well, it’s not hugely original, but I like it. It’s simple. Just a little too simple for my taste. I guess it is pretty classically “manly,” and that’s the point.

Tweeds – I am much enarmored by the stitch pattern, but the socks themselves look sort of chunky and strange. And the electric blue color, while lovely, is not as man-friendly as the pattern says, at least not to the men I know.

Emerald Bracelet – I don’t know… it’s pretty, it really is. But something just doesn’t seem… I don’t know. I’m too harsh a critic, I’m sure.

Very Berry T-Shirt
– It’s boxy. I don’t like boxy. It bothers me. Sorry.

Rainy Day Socks – Oooh. Me like. I think they are very pretty, very… dainty. And yet not. It looks cozy and formal at the same time. The only thing I don’t like is the picture’s setting. I can’t help thinking that it might look nicer against, I don’t know, grass or something. I’m just being picky. I like them lots.

Shimmer Socks – I don’t know about the colorway of the yarn, but I like the pattern. Maybe I’ll make it sometime.

As I sit here and type, I am wearing my Magnum Opus (at least, it’s my Magnum opus right now). I hope to submit it to Magknits. Until them, I shall gloat over the glories of blocked lace.

Why didn’t anyone tell me blocking lace is so cool?!

(Well, okay, everyone did, but you gotta see it to believe it)

(Pics to come as soon as I get to Bronach’s house for camera)

The socks that I have been making since Christmas:


I’m on the foot of the second pair. They are killing me. UPDATE: I FINISHED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY. THEY ARE DONE!! I HAVE FINISHED MY FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS. Ugh. I have to work on the Regia now.
The iPod sock:

Although, I don’t know why I bother since my iPod battery is completely dead and un-chargable

The lace shawl:


The Regia socks:


Yes, I know. The pointyness. It’s killing me too. But you think that’s bad? You should see my join. OMG, and I still haven’t figured out a pattern to put on it. I have to soon, though, or I will have to stop knitting.

The monster cable bag:
I started it at the begining of the week.I have three balls of super chunky Wool-Ease. I just wish it would felt. I’ve actually had people at school ask me to make one for them. I told them to google Wool-Ease.

Also, other stuff that’s not worth posting. Especially since I haven’t touched any of it in ages.

and there was lace all over the bed.
Me: Whoa… *tries to pick up lace*
Lace: *snags on eight different things*
Me: Maybe size eights and laceweight don’t mix as well as I thought…

Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m too tired for a coherent post today.